Thursday, June 30, 2011

Front right boot...

Looks like the previous boot was not compatible with LHM; it has the consistency of Jello and was swollen.

The ball was marked and I replaced it with a new one.

The new boot is back on

I have also lubed the suspension parts while they were accessible.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The shifter, or hydro block, or brain...

There is a leak below the shifter and the first gear jumps out of gear...

Almost out.

This would explain the leak and may be the lack of pressure going to the first gear (I did not check if this hole is for the first gear or not).

Let's get it clean before putting apart

Front cover

Back cover (Against firewall)

I have a plastic box with compartments to keep the "Osselets" and pistons together and facing the way they came out.

This regulates the speed the gear are changing.

Deep cleaning before putting it back together.

The Orings are tough to remove, especially here since they were old and hard. I found that the end of an un-sharpen pencil works great and also doesn't scratch the cylinder.

I've polished parts to remove scratches and markings.

Ready to close the back side.

My supplier did not have the front gasket; I had to make one.

Ready to go in. I have put a 4mm drill bit in the hole to put the selector in the 1st gear position; if the bit doesn't go deep enough, turn the selector 1/2 turn to get it deep.

It's in. No more leak and the gear shit good except it did not fix the first gear issue. To be continued.


Originally the car came in because it would stop after 15 mn or so. There are also multiple leaks and the first gear jump out of gear and grinds.

The mixture and fast idle speed screws were very dirty. I clean and did a quick polishing job.

The ignition was quitting due to bad points.

The filter was extremely dirty and the 2 Orings were brittle.

Tuning the ignition.

There are several leaks: Under the suspensions on both sides and under the engine (Left side).

The CRC is leaking.